美國 LANTECH ST700/900

ST-700/900 Shrink Tunnel

Bad packages are caused by poor or uneven heat transfer to the shrink film. Lantech Shrink Tunnels overcomes this to create good packages with convection heating by providing:

1. Minimal temperature fluctuations as the heating elements turn on and off.
2. Consistent, gentle airflow around the product.
3. Consistent airflow from the front to the back of the tunnel.
4. Uniform heat transfer to 100% of the film.
5. A window that lets the operator see the product as it moves through the tunnel.
6. Controls that are positioned so the operator can adjust what he抯 seeing.

Lantech shrink tunnels are reliable. The key reasons are:

1. Low air velocity and low operating temperatures place low demand on heating elements.
2. High quality heating elements with long service lives.
3. No vents to clog from sucking up film scraps and empty film bags.



加热系统 3 Zones - each zone contains 3,800 watt heater and fan 4 Zones - each zone contains 3,800 watt heater and fan
最小包装尺寸 INF L x 18"W x 10" H Inf L x 18" x 10"H
机器尺寸 72"L x 37"W x 56"H 84"L x 37"W x 56"H
机器重量 1250 lbs 1500 lbs
包装速度 Up to 70 FPM Up to 90 FPM
输送带形式 Stainless steel wire belt Stainless steel wire belt
输送带速度 0-70 FPM 0-90 FPM
输送带宽度 18" W 18"
电源 230V, 3ph, 30A, 60Hz 230V, 3ph, 30A, 60Hz
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